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ITM runs an extensive programme on sustainable scientific, medical and veterinary capacity building in the South, with support from the Belgian Directorate-General for Development (DGD).

Motto: Switching the Poles. Partner institutes gradually take charge of developing scientific and medical expertise, as they own, lead and are held accountable for their role in the partnership.

2014 budget:  € 14,684,000

The ITM-DGD programme:

  • Strengthens the capacity of individuals from developing countries through training and education.
  • Builds the institutional capacity of a series of partner institutes in the South (see map).
  • Runs strategic thematic programmes on, among others, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases.
  • Reinforces selected networks and South-South interactions on health systems and policies, neglected tropical diseases, tuberculosis, as well as on quality management in laboratory and clinical research.
  • Supports policy development for the Belgian Development Cooperation, as well as for European and international organisations.

Videos and more information at switchingthepoles.itg.be.