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Advancing the knowledge of tropical, infectious and poverty-related diseases and access to health care is at the core of ITM’s academic mission. Our innovative and interdisciplinary research focuses on Pathogens, Patients and Populations, our “three P’s”.

Logo pathogens Pathogens from home to genome – Department of Biomedical Sciences
Logo patients Patients as prime focus – Department of Clinical Sciences
Logo populations Population health investigated – Department of Public Health 

Scientific excellence and impact

We published 440 papers in scientific journals
We ran 16 innovative research projects with the support of Flanders
25 PhD students obtained a PhD degree

ITM in the European Research Area

We led 10 research consortia funded by the European Union
We coordinated 11 clinical trials around the world

Open global campus

132 international scientific staff and PhD students were working at ITM
We took part in 30 new international research projects
105 researchers were doing their PhD at ITM

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