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In 2014, the Flemish Ministry of Science and Innovation funded 8 innovative research projects which will contribute to the basic understanding and effective control of infectious diseases.

In 2008, the SOFI  (Structurele Onderzoeksfinanciering ITG) programme was set up with a subsidy from the Flemish Ministry of Sciences and Innovation with the goal of supporting research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge in fields that are relevant to our institutional and departmental missions. In 2014, 5 projects were approved under this programme. The Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT), which supports innovation in Flanders, additionally funded another two applied biomedical research (TBM) projects on HIV and a postdoctoral innovation mandate on diagnostics for arboviruses.

SOFI Projects

What causes nodding syndrome?
How can hepatitis C/HIV co-infections be treated in resource-poor countries?

IWT Projects