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By Lieve Schueremans, General Manager

Simultaneously adapting to new legislation, facilitating ITM’s ambitious 2020 strategy, while supporting ITM’s core activities and being  responsive to the needs of its researchers and medical staff is not an easy task. But in 2014, ITM’s support services took several successful steps to meet these demands.

The introduction of a range of new IT projects, such as a central monitoring system of electronic lab equipment, a document management system and the conversion to electronic patient files, marked the start of a new approach venturing to link projects. This heightened emphasis on collaboration and the clear distribution of responsibilities will increasingly become part of ITM’s modus operandi.

Additionally, with the support of the experts from Haygroup, Human Resources, finalised the designation of all academic staff into six distinct academic function types: academic track; assistant academic track; expert track – capacity building; expert track – education; expert track – research, and medical track. The new function architecture provides a clear overview of job types and responsibilities, which helps to define both career opportunities and expected results. The new structure serves as a valuable tool for staff, unit heads, as well as for Human Resources.

In 2014, ITM’s support services were also involved in numerous other projects and activities in the areas of research, education and medical services to help keep the Institute’s engines running. To name a few, we played an integral role in swiftly responding to the logistical, administrative and contractual needs that arose in response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

Support services also coordinated the opening of ITM’s own Karibu restaurant, which quickly conquered the hearts and stomachs of staff and students alike.

The opening of 110 new student rooms can also be added to the support services’ 2014 list of accomplishments, along with the successful completion of multiple audits and our playing a key role in implementing new social legislation (work and pension rules, among others) at ITM.

From behind the scenes, ITM’s support services contribute to a healthier world!